Don’t forget to speak Spanish

Due to the Covid-19 in Spain we have had to close all educational centers. Among them also the Spanish schools. Furthermore, the authorities recommend not to socialize and here comes the question … How can you continue studying Spanish so that you don’t forget?

To see and watch

TED Talks in Spanish

We love working with these sources:

  • TED Talks in Spanish – find the topic that interests you most and use it to improve your Spanish.
  • – contains didactic units with a guide and interactive activities.
  • – a fun and different Spanish teacher who has fun video lessons and songs to learn Spanish.
  • YouTube and Sergi Martin channel – do you need to remember some grammar? Sergi helps you in an interesting and easy to understand way.

To listen

In case you are one of those who learn by listening and you like Spanish music, interviews and other things you can learn “via hearing”, this will be for you. – Enjoy learning Spanish with music everywhere.
Podcast channels (also for your mobile device):

To practice

Do you need to review the grammar a bit so that you don’t forget some things?
Check these pages:

  • – one of the most complete you can find to improve your vocabulary, your listening comprehension and your grammar.
  • – another activity page of many types divided by levels.
  • – if you are interested in literature or want to learn vocabulary by semantic fields, this is your page.

To talk

If you really want to advance, we recommend online classes. At Ábaco we work with highly experienced teachers and at the same time eager for you to learn. They will adapt the classes to what you need.

Until April 13 we have the OFFER of:

  • 1 class = € 18 (normally not in the offer)
  • 5 classes = € 85 (40% discount)
  • 10 classes = € 150 (55% discount)

No enrollment fee! Try 30 minutes for free and if you like the class, you will tell us in how many hours you would be interested in. Write us at, on Facebook Messenger or on +34622076362 (you can also contact us on WhatsApp). We will wait for you!

Special offer only until April 13

Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

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