Why choose Ábaco

Personalized attention

Ábaco offers a friendly environment, where each student is treated and cared for as part of the Ábaco family. You can always count on us to help you with whatever you need.

Small study groups

All the groups have a maximum of 10 students(although  at the most to guarantee the total attention of the teacher and active participation of each student.

Flexible timetables

This is one of the most important added values ​​of our school Spanish : to be able to organize your schedule to coincide with the availability of your time, the number of lessons that you want to attend per week and the groups that we offer of your level . As for the individual classes , you can organize your schedule as best suits you .

Extracurricular activities

If learning a language inside a classroom sounds boring to you, don’t worry. At Ábaco, besides having active and communicative classes, we also have cultural activities that will help improve your communication skills while you enjoy your stay in Salamanca

These are some of the numerous activities you can enjoy with us:

  • City tours
  • Trips around Spain
  • Tapas nights
  • Spanish movies
  • Dance workshops (salsa, flamenco, sevillanas etc)
  • Cooking workshops
  • Cultural games and more

A lifetime experience

Our goal is to make sure that your stay in Salamanca is an unforgettable one. That doesn’t just mean that you will only improve your Spanish skills, but also meet people you’ll remember forever, make friends, know more about other cultures and have a memorable time. We do our best to make sure that you´ll live the best of Salamanca.

Certificate of completion

When you finish your course, you will receive a certificate with the numbers of lessons you attended and your level of Spanish.

Learn, have fun and we’ll worry about the rest!

Here in Ábaco, we want to assure that you focus on what you came here to do: learn Spanish and enjoy Spain. So, focus on that and let us worry about the rest, such as finding suitable accommodation, planning your extracurricular activities and help you with your travel arrangements through Spain.

Let’s be a member of our Ábaco family! Look at our courses.