Get specialized in Legal Spanish

Juridical and legal texts are characterized by the wrongful use of certain expressions and technicalities. These are often exclusive words of Latin origin or even come from Roman law. Juridical and legal documents are texts with a specific content that require the use of formalized structures that hinder the compression and interpretation of them:

  • Formalism, conservatism
  • Predominates the indicative mood, especially the timeless present.
  • Predominates impersonal forms of the verb: infinitive, gerund and participle, especially in absolute or concerted clauses
  • Use of the future mandate and verbal periphrases of obligation
  • Grammatical archaisms and outdated prepositional phrases: So pena de
  • Use of archaisms: resulting, considering
  • Use of the imperfect future subjunctive
  • Using formulas of depersonalization: the above, the undersigned, etc


Legal Spanish classes include content for the construction of this juridical vocabulary, understanding of legal texts and the use of new sources to be aware of the law, identifying the different areas of law. Students also practice writing sentences, identifying and correcting errors, and complete exercises editing sentences.

Importance will also be placed on the skills for good communication during activities and impromptu public speaking exercises.

This is an example of the topics covered in the Course of Legal Spanish:

  • Characteristics of Spanish juridical language.
  • Ability of written expression before a Public Administration.
  • Analysis of legal and administrative texts.
  • Observation of legal and administrative terminology.
  • Spanish Constitution and the Spanish laws.
  • Procedural law.
  • Commercial Law and Common Market Law.
  • Criminal Law and Criminology.
  • Legal and professional advice.

Practical information:

  • Start date: Any day
  • Duration: 1 to 12 weeks
  • Number of class hours: 5 hours per week
  • Level: From B1
  • Maximum number of students: 1 student.
  • Timetable: Contact the centre.

**All courses have enrollment fee 42 € that includes:

  • All the material you will need for the whole course. Also, when you reach a higher level, the book will already be included.
  • Certificate at the end of the course.
  • City tours: discover Salamanca whilst practicing Spanish
  • Wifi connection in the school whenever you need it
  • 20% discount at Kronos Gym

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