Who are we?

Ábaco Hispanic Institute of Salamanca, was founded in 2001  and is a school with highly qualified university professors and a solid teaching experience.  Our main goal is teaching and spreading the Spanish and Latin American language and culture to students and teachers of Spanish.

Ábaco is located 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor, consists of a spacious waiting room and other facilities with five classrooms (with air-conditioning and natural lighting to facilitate and encourage the study environment). At Ábaco we have a wireless network throughout the building.


We have extensive access to books of Spanish and what’s more, we also have a virtual library where students can download books they want to read on their own devices .

Our reputation in recent years is based on professionalism , experience , academic training and continuous updating in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the teachers.

Most students who come to Ábaco do so on the recommendation of previous students and have recommended it as in the city. Here you will meet people from all over the world. Some are students who come to study Spanish individually and others are students who are sent by their companies , or groups of students in a study program.


Come to meet our great Ábaco Family! Your best decision!