Where are the best tapas bars in Salamanca?

Last week we discussed the Spanish ham called jamón. However, jamón is not the only typical Spanish dish because -particularly in Salamanca- the tradition of “tapear” exists in different bars. According to La Real Academia de la Lengua, the verb tapear means, “to eat tapas in bars and taverns.” Here, the word tapas means “small rations of food served with a drink”.

Let’s explore the best bars where it is possible to have high quality tapas with a Chique atmosphere where people take part in this tradition. 

Méson Cervantes, Plaza Mayor, 15, 37002 Salamanca

In Plaza Mayor there is the Mesón Cervantes, a traditional Salamanca restaurant where it is possible to eat either upstairs or in a open terrace at the corner of the square. Its history dates back to the 20th century, when it opend its doors to the public, changing different owners throughout the years. A key moment was in 1981 when, after a blaze, was renovated. Here you’ll be able to eat delicious dishes  composed of meat and fish or, if you want, you can combine your dish with different products. 

El méson de Gonzalo, Plaza del Poeta Iglesias, 10, 37001 Salamanca

This is hands down one of the most attractive bars in Salamanca. Although it is a tiny bar, you have to go there and try the patatas bravas, the croquetas caseras and the jetas. Anyway, the true star here is the callos (tripe). The Mesón de Gonzalo won the second edition of the Campeonato Mundial de Callos in Oviedo in 2018. 

Cuzco Bodega, Calle Juan del Rey, 5, 37002 Salamanca

This is one of the bars that offers pinchos in Salamanca. It is modern and offers a wide number of original tapas such as the minihamburguesa de morcilla con cebolla caramelizada or the rollito de cecina con queso de cabra y membrillo.

Plus Ultra, Calle Concejo, 4, 37002 Salamanca

The Plus Ultra has been in business for more than 50 years, offering a wide range of traditional pinchos like the fritos rebozados de bacalao, boquerón, gamba, pimiento and calamar.

La Viga, Calle Consuelo, 16, 37001 Salamanca

Here, what you need to try is the jeta, the part of the pig that goes from the nose to the ear. It is sufficient to say that in La Viga the chefs cook 50 Jetas every hour at 250°C.

Mesón El Minutejo, Calle Van Dyck, 55, 37005 Salamanca

This tiny little bar is well known for its walls full of puzzles from different part of the world. This bar is well known for the minutejo. This breaded pincho is grilled with sirloin, jamón and chees.

Tapas 3.0, Calle Sánchez Barbero, 9, 37002 Salamanca

Everything started with a bar called Tapas 2.0 that opened its doors in 2010, whose evolution led to a new concept, the Tapas 3.0, in 2014. Here, among different dishes, the best one is the patatas brava.

Bar El Churrasco, Rua Mayor, 12, 37002 Salamanca

Here it is possible to have a drink and a tapas for 1,30€. The best dishes are the croquetas gigantes, but there are others pinchos like lomo en salsa, calamares, chorizo, rabas, pimientos, chanquetes, soctillas y queso.

El Asador de Van Dyck, Calle Van Dyck, 33, 37005 Salamanca

This restaurant offers a wide selection of tapas for 1,30€ each, and it is known as the best bar in Van Dyck. Its best dish? The salmón con gulas or the camembert con anchoas.

Café Bar Sevilla, Calle José Jáuregui, 32, 37002 Salamanca

This bar has been in the business for 62 years. The best dish here is the tortilla de patatas; in addition, its croquetas de jamón are simply amazing. Last but not least, here you’ll be able to drink some of the best coffee in Salamanca.

Bar Café Real, Plaza Mayor, 9, 37002 Salamanca

A classic, right in the main square of Salamanca. Here there is a wide selection of pinchos and tapas gratis! So, do not forget to request your tapas when you have a drink! 

Don Cochinillo, Calle Van Dyck, 55, 37005 Salamanca

Well known for its cochinillo served with crunchy skin! Also, you’ll be able to choose among different dishes, for instance, the parrilladas.

You can find all of those bars and also some others in this map we’ve created!

Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

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