How to get to Salamanca from Madrid Barajas Airport?

Are you coming soon to Salamanca? Would you like to know how to get there from Madrid Airport? This article will help you to find out how it works.

Once you leave the airport and send a message to your closest family that you have safely landed in Madrid, it is a time to decide how you are going to get to Salamanca.


1. Avanza buses go directly from Madrid Barajas (Terminal 1 or 4) to Salamanca bus station every two hours from 13.00 pm to 22.00 pm. (We recommend you to check the timetable before you come. It can change during the year. Avanza website:

You can buy your ticket in advance on Internet (24,30 € + 2,60 € fee) or from a bus driver (24,30 €). The second option is a bit cheaper but if the bus is full already, you will have to wait for a next one.
The bus firstly leaves Terminal 1 and then passes through Terminal 4 to pick up other passengers.

This option is the easiest one. On following lines we will describe other options.


2. Take a city bus and go to the train station (Public transportat schedule: If you want to, you can buy ticket before on the Internet or directly at the train station. Check prices on If you buy it in advance (several days) it will be probably much cheaper. But prices are changing there each day so it can be the cheapest but also the most expensive way to use.


3. Blablacar works very good in Spain. You just have to have the app in Spanish. If not, it won’t show you any trip. Or go on and book your trip there. Don’t forget to check from where the driver is leaving and also how far it is from you and how long it will take you to get there. Probably you will have to use the Metro. But don’t worry, metro has its stop also at the airport and there are always assistants ready to help you. It can cost you something about 12 € + metro.
Here are some tips other tips you:
You can connect to the WiFi at the airport. Its free.
Don’t forget cash money because some stores or bus companies don’t allow the debit/credit card.
You should carry small money banknot (like 5€, 10€, 20€). Sometimes bus drivers cannot take from you bigger amount of money.
If you need a new SIM card you can buy it at the airport in arrivals area.
Don’t forget to buy some snack or drink because it will take about 2,5 hours to get to Salamanca.
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Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

Ábaco Salamanca Spanish

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